Community Manifesto (take two)

Thanks for all your feedback on the draft. Here’s the updated version of our Community Manifesto. Station C is a work space that fosters collaboration, community, and serendipity. We are a hub for creators and innovators: entrepreneurs, freelancers, geeks, designers, writers, artists, social activists. Station C is part of an international coworking movement, which brings together the best elements of the office, cafe, salon, business incubator, and city street. We share a common vision and values:

  • Community — We are a community that thrives on connections and mutual support. Everyone participates, contributes, and benefits. Station C members take the initiative to care for our collective space, welcome visitors, orient new members, start conversations, and host events. We’re a modern agora, providing a public space for community gatherings and encouraging folks to drop in and work with us for the day.
  • Collaboration — We work together, intentionally as part of project teams or in an ad-hoc way when someone needs a hand. We help each other out by sharing ideas, learning, solutions, and resources.
  • Openness — We believe that it is beneficial to share and build on each others’ ideas and knowledge. We encourage this in a concrete way by working at shared tables in an open space. But we also understand boundaries — open is not always appropriate and we take care to respect each other’s privacy and the need for client confidentiality.
  • Diversity — We want people with different ideas, perspectives, and ways of working. People from different backgrounds. People at different stages in their life and career. Diversity means occasional challenges, misunderstandings, and arguments — but it is key to sparking creativity and avoiding groupthink.
  • Sustainability — Financially, Station C was designed to sustain itself and the community of people it gathers around these ideas, not to make a profit. Each of us is responsible for finding our own work. Environmentally, we aim to find ways to lower our impact and promote sustainable practices.

This manifesto was developed by Station C members and influenced by Citizen Space’s philosophy and ground rulez, Alex Hillman and Geoff DiMasi at Philadelphia’s Independents Hall, and Tonya Surman at Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation (see their Theory of Change). We also benefited from everyone who shares on the Coworking Group. It is available for you to re-mix and re-use under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

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