Five Paper Materials You Can Consider for Your Sticker Printing Business

Stickers are one of the highest selling digital products in the market nowadays. Aside from having a relatively cheap price, stickers are useful for the purpose of promotions (businesses, projects) and various others. Sticker printing is one of the most important services that must be available in printing businesses, because sticker printing is simple yet highly demanded by many, from entrepreneurs for their products, an event organizer that needs stickers for their event’s seminar kit, stickers for political campaigns, university activities purposes, and many more.

A lot of stickers being sold as of late are produced with the cutting sticker method. This produces better quality stickers although with relatively higher investments as well. As for beginners with a limited budget, it is recommended to start out their sticker printing business by printing stickers in the simplest way using more affordable printers and materials.

To start a sticker printing business, aside from knowing how to design and operate related software, you must first know the types of papers you can use for your stickers. Generally, there are two types of sticker texture; doff and glossy. However, not all papers are available for the two options. A consumer may choose one of the two textures and also choose the type of papers they want their stickers to be printed on. Depending on these papers, the need of printer types and inks may also vary.

1. HVS Paper

HVS paper is a common paper that is mostly used for office purposes. For this type of paper, the common Inkjet printer is enough for the job. This type of paper is usually the cheapest but comes with a rather low durability.

2. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper has the same texture as HVS paper. The only difference is the color, where kraft paper tends to be brown. For kraft paper, stickers can be printed with Inkjet printers as well.

3. Chromo Paper

Stickers printed on chromo paper will have glossy texture, similar to papers that are used for magazines. For this kind of paper, it is advised to use ArtPaper (AP) ink so that the printed product will actually stick on the material and won’t fade or wear off at contact with water.

4. Vinyl Paper

Vinyl papers are papers that are slightly more elastic compared to chromo. Stickers of vinyl papers are difficult to tear off. To print on a vinyl paper, it’s recommended to use a laser printer because it will be difficult to print on this material with a common Inkjet printer. Although in some cases, there are also vinyl papers that are capable of being printed with Inkjet plus printers using ArtPaper ink.

5. Transparent Paper

This type of paper is more of a plastic rather than paper. This type of material is commonly used for acrylic keychains printing. Only laser printers can print on this type of material.

Now that you’ve learned the most common type of papers that are available for sticker printing, you may start listing the necessities to start and plan on the next steps of your business. You can view some of the templates via Kiasu Print Pte Ltd website.

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