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12 months

[Désolé si cette entrée est en anglais, je n’ai pas eu le temps de traduire et je veux pouvoir partager ce que j’y dit avec les autres coworkings faisant parti de notre communauté donc la première version est en anglais.]

Well we’ve done it, Station C has been open for one year. Quite a ride so far! We adjusted our plans a couple of times, had a few good discussions along the way but it’s been fun and we’re going for another year, at least. Here are some of the things we have been doing in this first year.

So I might have missed a couple of things but I think that’s our first year. Thanks to all our members and to everyone who dropped by for events, to visit and to work a few hours.

Free(lancing): Report from South-East Asia

Daniel Mireault, one of Station C’s co-founders along with Patrick Tanguay, is traveling in South-East Asia from January through April. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. This is certainly the « free » side of freelance and coworking — work from where you want (if you can handle spotty Internet) and relax knowing that there’s someone (read: Patrick and other Station C members) at home holding down the fort.

It’s weird not having Dan around. But good thing is that he’s started making videos. This one, made for the latest , gives us a feel for Thailand’s beautiful markets. Enjoy.

Spécial anniversaire

Nous célébrons notre 1er anniversaire le 4 février, c’est une réussite assez importante pour un espace de coworking et nous sommes très heureux de comment les choses se déroulent. Il y a toutefois un détail qui nous travail; trop de mecs! Plus sérieusement, nous sommes bien contents de la gang de gars que nous avons ici à Station C et nous avons quelques femmes géniales comme « Résidentes » et « drop ins » mais le ratio n’est pas fameux.

Nous allons donc nous faire un cadeau: du 4 février au 24 Mars (Ada Lovelace Day) les femmes bénéficieront d’une rabais de 100$ à la signature d’un abonnement de six mois de type « Lite » ou « Résident ». Nous tiendrons aussi une journée portes ouvertes le 24 février, tout le monde est invité à venir faire un tour et essayer l’espace, Christine et Aleece organiserons un lunch Open Salad et Station C payera le dessert.

Nous espérons vous voir le 24 et pouvoir trouver plus de fantastiques femmes coworkers.

Patrick et Dan

We will be celebrating our one year anniversary February 4th, it’s a pretty big accomplishment for a coworking space and we are very pleased with how things are going. Except for this one thing that’s been nagging at us; too many dudes! More seriously, we are very happy about the bunch of guys we have at Station C and we have a few awesome women as Residents and drop ins but we don’t like the ratio, doesn’t feel right.

So we are giving ourselves a present: From February 4th through March 24th (Ada Lovelace Day) we are giving a $100 rebate to all women who sign up for a 6 months Lite or Resident membership. We will also have a special open doors day on February 24th, everyone is free to drop in to try out the space, Christine and Aleece will hold one of our Open Salad lunches and Station C will spring for desert.

We hope to see you on the 24th and are looking forward to signing up more awesome women coworkers!

Patrick and Dan

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