Must-have Small Business Websites for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business requires knowledge, even if it is small. For this reason, entrepreneurs of all levels of experience must study in-depth the actions they are going to take, the plan they are going to develop, and the market in which they will position their project. However, this can be a bit tricky for those who know very little about the industry. Is this your case? If the answer is positive, we are pleased to announce that you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of must-have small business websites for entrepreneurs that will be of great help to you if you are new to business.

  1. Paul Graham.

Paul Graham is a legendary venture capitalist who has achieved success in the business industry due to his vast knowledge of startups, technology, and business communities. This clever man decided to create this website, to which he put his own name, to help other entrepreneurs take the first steps concerning their project.

Graham is a veteran in the Enterprise world, specifically in the area of ​​funded startups and leadership. So, on this website, you will find high-quality articles backed by Paul’s experienced perspective.

  • Small Business Trends.

Small Business Trends is a website that began operating in 2003. Its main objective was to show a list of current business trends that entrepreneurs could use as a reference to develop their business projects. This approach helped it gain millions of readers and is now a highly relevant blog for all business owners.

Besides, Small Business Trends provides information regarding essential areas in the startup industry, including posts on marketing, logistics, product development, sales, and much more. If you read it regularly, you will be able to learn many skills that you will need to take your business to the top.

  • Cloudways Blog.

Cloudways Blog is another of the websites that every entrepreneur should mark in their list of must-have alternatives. It offers valuable content for all the people who want to start their business project, as it focuses on startups, marketing, and e-commerce for newbies.

Although you can find articles of all kinds on the Cloudways Blog, this website provides excellent tips and recommendations for new and small business founders. Besides, it has useful sections for those who have managed to stay in the market but want to expand their business. It is definitely an option that you should always keep in mind.

Other websites and blogs for small business owners:






Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other options that may be useful to you. Some of them are:

  • Both Sides of the Table: Another blog aimed at assisting startup founders on fundraising.
  • The entrepreneurial mind: This is an interactive platform that provides valuable information for small business owners.
  • This is another website focused on small businesses and startups that exposes everything you need about entrepreneurship, including those mistakes to avoid.

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