Outstanding Advantages of Hiring a Qualified Company Secretary in Singapore

There are many business managers to hire a professional secretary for their business growth. The role of the company secretary is an important one of supporting the directors in checking that the company is yielding. Even though it is not a requirement that a company secretary of a private company is trained, it is necessary that either the directors performing the function or the person that they trust it is proficient. If you are looking for a professional secretary for your company, then choose corporate secretary services. They take care of a lot of important compliance activities and maybe appointed an officer of the company in a private company. A company secretary is effectively the chief administrative officer and is appointed by the company’s directors. This will include the preparation and filing of the Annual Return; miscarriage to file an Annual Return may result in the company being struck off and the directors being prosecuted. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Company Secretary in Singapore 

Secretarial services are sometimes referred to as the backbone of a company. Corporate secretary services delivers assistance on your day-to-day tasks to ensure smooth business operations. Individuals from such providers render services in a wide range of demanding roles, including the following: 

  • Light bookkeeping: Usually, accounting tasks are managed by a qualified or certified accountant. However, light bookkeeping can also be contracted out to a professional office service firm. The assigned person should have a clear thought of bookkeeping basics and maintains an exact record of all the company’s financial transactions. 
  • Statutory filings: When business proprietors use the help of a credible secretarial service provider, they can be assured of the timely completion of their statutory filings. The company does not need to hesitate about the serious consequences of missing a deadline as their assigned secretary takes care of these legalities. 
  • Corporate compliance: ACRA or the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority are a government body that manages business compliance in Singapore. If they do not receive a company’s annual report on time, they will contact the selected secretarial service to complete such a task.  
  • Transcription services: Providing a clear and accurate transcription of audio materials is a complex job. This responsibility often requires excellent typing skills, rapid comprehension, and linguistic fluency that take years to master. There are secretarial services that specialize in professional transcription offering quality results even on an as-needed basis. 

Merits looking for in a Secretarial Service Provider 

There are a lot of bookkeeping service providers in Singapore and selecting one may be a difficult task. Top firms showcase persons that have the right grouping of skills, experience, and commitment.  

  • Highly trained professionals: The secretarial service provider must have highly trained individuals. Since a company secretary plays a countless role in the success of your business, you should consider their industry experience and knowledge of compliance events. 
  • Good value for money: When employing a company secretary, you should make sure that you get what you pay for. Secretarial service workers will make sure that hiring a third-party firm is more cost-efficient than employing an in-house secretary. 

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