What to Consider When Making a Rubber Stamp

A rubber stamp is very useful around the job, helping you in working more productively while spending less energy to authenticate, approve, deny, mark, or even sign the many documents and paperwork in office work. There are actually a lot of kinds of company stamp you can get for your business, such as wooden stamps, round stamps, rubber stamps, date stamps, green line stamps, self-inking stamps, and even more. Depending on the necessity of your company, you can choose whichever you want. However, there are several tips you might want to know in choosing the right stamp for you.

1. Stamp type

As mentioned before, stamps come in different types. Most of the time, the difference is the material it is made from. The various material of the stamp gives a different look and feel to your stamp. If you are someone who pays attention to the details, you might want to consider what kind of material you want your stamp to be made of that suits the aesthetic of the company stationery.

2. Stamp shape

Stamps also come in many shapes, such as a round stamp, rectangular stamp, and square stamp. Even a triangular stamp or other unorthodox shape is not impossible. There is no clear rule that states the necessity of a company stamp. As long as it still looks appropriate, you are free to design your custom stamp the way you want according to your preference. Just make sure that the shape accommodates all the necessary information that needs to be put on a company stamp.

3. Stamp size

In deciding the size of the stamp, you must consider its uses. What kind of document or item will you need the stamp for? Or consider whether you need to carry the stamp around. For example, if yes, you need to take your stamp with you, then you need a small stamp. However, if a stamp is needed for stamping parcels and needs to make sure that the stamp is seen on the item, then you will need a larger stamp.

4. Stamp color

The most common colors of stamp ink are either blue, black, or red. But you can actually choose a wider variety of color depending on its uses and purpose. The color must represent what the stamp is saying. For instance, if you are using a stamp to reject or deny a document, you can’t choose a blue ink as it won’t appeal to the eye. Opt for red instead so that people can be more aware of what is stamped.

5. Stamp quality

In order to get a satisfactory stamp quality for your business, try to find the best stamp manufacturer possible. The quality varies as well as the price. Usually, the more expensive the price is, the better the quality of the stamp as the manufacturer will use higher quality material to produce your stamp with. You should negotiate with them, especially if you are ordering a large amount for your company so that you can find the best price possible.

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